New Ordinances and Resolutions

An Ordinance Regulating Illicit Discharges Into the Spanish Fort Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System was adopted by the City Council on July 5, 2017. Ordinance No. 516-2017 - "Clean Water Ordinance"

Resolution No. 852-2016 was adopted by the Spanish Fort City Council on February 1, 2016, Setting Forth the Rules and Regulations for the Rental of the Spanish Fort Community Center.
The following two ordinances were adopted by the Spanish Fort City Council on September 15, 2014:

An Ordinance Adopting Business License Code and Scheduling of Licenses of the City of Spanish Fort, Alabama, for the Year 2015 and Each Subsequent Year,  Ordinance No. 476-2014.

An Ordinance Establishing a License Tax for Persons Engaged in Selling or Distributing Gasoline or Motor Fuel Within the Corporate Limits of the City of Spanish Fort,  Ordinance No. 477-2014.

All official ordinances and resolutions of the City of Spanish Fort are kept by the City Clerk, in accordance with State Law and are subject to amendment by the City Council of the City of Spanish Fort. Information displayed on this website is continuously updated, but its accuracy is not, nor can be guaranteed. Therefore, independent verification is strongly advised prior to making project commitments or decisions.