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City of Spanish Fort
7361 Spanish Fort Boulevard
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

Entrance at the southeast
corner of the Spanish Fort
Community Center building.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Building Department Staff:
Chester Patterson
Building Official, Inspector

Casey Rains
Environmental Manager,
Planning Coordinator

Carol Caldwell
Permit Clerk

fax:  251.626.4880

Permits Requirements and Fees - Ord. No. 541-2019
Spanish Fort Building Department

Residential Building Permit Checklist

Ordinance No. 541-2019 outlines current applicable codes and permitting fees.

All construction within The City of Spanish Fort shall require the necessary permits to be issued and required inspections to be completed to compliance with current codes. To make the process as quick and easy as possible, please comply with the following checklist when submitting an application for Residential Building Permit:

Residential Building Permit Applications Checklist:

  • 2 sets of engineer-stamped plans;
  • 1 copy of plot plan;
  • 911 Address assigned to the construction site;
  • Tax Parcel Number;
  • Copy of water and sewer receipt (Health Dept. release, if septic);
  • BMP Plan;
  • Subdivision Review approval letter, if required;
  • Contact information for property owner, if applicant is not owner;
  • The contractor and ALL subcontractors and installers must have a Current Business License with the City of Spanish Fort;
  • State of Alabama Contractor's License, when applicable;
  • Check made payable to "City of Spanish Fort", or cash for permit fees.; and
  • Email address of applicant or representative of applicant.
Plan Review
Once construction and plot plans have been received by the Building Department, the staff will make every effort to review the plans as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the plan review, the applicant will be called or emailed and advised that the review is complete. At that time, the applicant shall return to the Building Department with the remaining required elements on the permitting checklist in order to complete the permitting process.

A trash dumpster and portable toilet are required on all residential construction sites.

*No Building Permit shall be issued for any site disturbing at least 1000 sq ft without the proper application and approval of a Land Disturbance Permit

Land Disturbance Permit Application Checklist

"Class 1 Land Disturbance Permit" 
NPDES Qualified Construction Sites (Larger than 1 Acre)
  • 2 sets of Qualified Credentialed Professional (QCP) stamped plans
  • Copy of Notice of Intent (NOI) submitted to ADEM
  • Copy of Construction Best Management Practices Plan (CBMPP) submitted to ADEM
  • All requirements of the Stormwater Management Standards found in the City's Subdivision Regulations shall be met 
  • Tax parcel number
  • 911 address assigned to the site
  • Contact information for Owner, General Contractor, and QCP
  • Any additional permits
  • Size of disturbed area
  • Watershed

"Class 2 Land Disturbance Permit" 
Other Disturbed Sites ( Larger than 1000 sq ft, In-ground swimming pools, Land disturbing activity found to be contributing to an illicit discharge into the City's MS4)

  • Erosion Control Plan (ECP) depicting Best Management Practices (BMPs) to include:
    • Boundary lines of the site
    • Identification of all areas to be included in the land disturbing activities
    • Location of any adjacent roadways, structures, jurisdictional boundaries, wetlands, streams, and rivers
    • Topographical map of the site with contours no less than 2 foot intervals
    • Proposed location of sediment control devices ex: silt fence, wattles, mulch
    • Proposed location, dimension, and characteristics of any construction exit pads
    • Proposed location of any stockpiles
    • Proposed location of dumpsters and other good housekeeping devices
    • Location of any portable toilets and other sanitation devices in relation to storm drain inlets. 
  • Tax parcel number
  • 911 address assigned to the site
  • Contact information for Owner, General Contractor, and QCP
  • Any additional permits
  • Size of disturbed area
  • Watershed
Required Inspections During Residential Construction:
  • Erosion control site initial inspection
  • Footing
  • Slab/Floor
  • Both open-trench plumbing and in-slab plumbing
  • Sheathing/nail pattern
  • Energy compliance/insulation
  • HVAC duct blast testing - file a copy of test results with the Building Department
  • Rough-ins for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and framing, called in as either a 3-way or 4-way inspection
  • Erosion control final site inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Site inspections will be conducted routinely at each construction inspection and on occasions when a complaint has been filed with the Building Department.
  • Apart from the initial and final inspections, all erosion control inspections will be performed on an "as-needed" basis until completion of the project.

All subcontractors shall report their job status to the on-site construction superintendent who will coordinate all inspections.  The construction superintendent shall call or email requests for inspections.