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Spanish Fort Fire-Rescue Department
Post Office Box 7025
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36577

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Chief: Roger Few


Dispatch: 251.626.4914
Office: 251.626.8876
Fax: 251.626.3473

False Alarms -- Ordinance No. 395-2010

No Open Burning of Debris -- Ordinance No. 282-2007

City of Spanish Fort, AL Fire Department

Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department

The mission of the Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department is to save lives, protect property, and to provide fire education and prevention to the residents of the Spanish Fort area in a safe, cost effective, and efficient manner.

The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department, established in 1962, operates independently from the City of Spanish Fort City and is primarily funded by fire tax, City Contract, donations and miscellaneous revenues. The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department, mostly volunteers living in the City or nearby, provides around-the-clock fire protection and rescue services for the citizens and visitors of Spanish Fort. Operating out of two fire stations, our fire fighters respond to a wide array of emergency calls including structure fires, aircraft emergencies, hazardous materials accidents, and emergency medical calls.

As of February 1, 2014, Spanish Fort Fire Rescue improved from a Protection Class 5 ISO rating to a Protection Class 3 ISO rating, one of only 49 cities in the State of Alabama to receive this rating.  The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue website advises, "Residents and businesses should notify their insurance agents at renewal time to ensure that the correct rating is being applied."  For more information, follow the two links included here:
Press Release
Spanish Fort Protection Class Upgrade

Fire House Locations:
Fire House #1
7580 Spanish Fort Boulevard
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527
251.626.8876 - non-emergency

Fire House #2
10628 U.S. Highway 31
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

Fire House Office:

Office is located at Fire House #1.
Please send mail to:
Post Office Box 7025
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36577

Donations are encouraged and appreciated!
The Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Department is an all-volunteer organization. Please contact the Department if you wish to give.

False Alarms are against the law. Ordinance No. 395-2010

No open burning of debris. Ordinance No. 282-2007