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Mosquito Control

Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding communities are historically recognized for having the highest annual rainfall amounts in the United States.  The mosquito season generally begins in late Spring with the increase in daily rainfall. During the Spring, Summer and early Fall, the mosquito population is at its highest and people are at highest risk of contracting West Nile Virus or Eastern Equine Encephalitis from bites by affected mosquitoes. 

Mosquito Life Cycle

As a community, we must all do our part in controlling the mosquito population by disrupting their life cycle, as well as by taking precautions to protect ourselves from mosquito bites. Remember to empty all standing water from flower pots and containers, pet's water bowls and birdbaths around your yard on a regular basis, especially after a substantial rain. Also, turn wheelbarrows upside-down when not in use and rid your yard of tires or any other items which may hold water in which mosquitoes may breed.

The City of Spanish Fort sprays the City's public areas weekly before and during mosquito activity. All spraying activity is done at dusk or several hours before sunrise, Monday through Thursday of each week. Larvicide mosquito rings are available at City Hall for treating standing water and preventing mosquitoes from hatching. Larvicide rings are non-toxic to humans or pets. Call City Hall at 251.626.4884 to check availability of the larvicide dunks.  For more information about controlling the mosquito population in Baldwin County, visit the Baldwin County Animal Control website or call 251.947.3618.