Animal Control

Animal control issues in the City of Spanish Fort are handled by the City's Public Works Department. Laws prohibit City personnel from going onto private property to handle animal-related issues.  Please call the City Hall at 251.626.4884, Monday- Friday, and a Public Works Activity Form will be created to address your issue. For emergency Public Works issues on weekends, call the Spanish Fort Police Department at 251.626.4914.

For your pet's safety and the safety of others, please familiarize yourself with and abide by Spanish Fort's leash laws, which are outlined in City Ordinance No. 115-2001.  Be a responsible pet owner - have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered and help control the animal population.

Our pets love us unconditionally.  Please return that love by making sure your pet wears a collar or harness which includes contact information -- your phone number or the name and phone number of your veterinarian.  It is also beneficial to have your pet micro-chipped, in case the animal loses its collar and I.D.  As a caring pet owner, do your part in making it possible for your pet to get back home to his family quickly and safely.