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Historic Blakeley State Park

Located at 34745 State Hwy. 225, just north of the 4-mile marker on State Hwy. 225, across from Saluda Hill Cemetery and the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery.


Open daily, from 9:00 a.m. until dusk.

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Gatra Wehle Nature Center

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Historic Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort, AL

Historic Blakeley State Park

Listen closely to the lapping of the river and the swaying of the tree tops and you will hear the ghosts of Blakeley's past - the prehistoric Indians, French adventurers, Apalachee Indians, settlers from New England, soldiers from the North and the South fighting the last major battle of the Civil War. Here was an Apalachee Indian Village (1704 - 1765), a French plantation, a booming 1820's riverfront town that rivaled and surpassed Mobile, the first courthouse and the County Seat of Baldwin County.

Established in 1981, Historic Blakeley State Park is a public park located north of Spanish Fort in Baldwin County, Alabama. The 3,800-acre park is included on the Civil War Discovery Trail and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the largest site east of the Mississippi River to be included.  In 1993, Blakeley was named a 'Class A' Civil War site by the United States Congress. The park is part of the Civil War Discovery Trail due to it being the site of the Battle of Fort Blakeley. Some remnants of battlefield operations remain including the Confederate breastworks that cross the park. Efforts continue in
restoring the Confederate and Union constructs which supported the Battle of Fort Blakeley. That battle, involving over 16,000 soldiers, occurred on the same day as the Confederate surrender. African-American troops made up a significant number of the Union forces

The park is located on the site of what once was the Town of Blakeley, a progressive and peaceful community settled in 1814 by Josiah Blakeley and others from New England. The town thrived for many years, growing larger than the town of Mobile across the Bay. As the oldest town in Baldwin County and one of the oldest in the State of Alabama, Blakeley reached its zenith in the 1820's with a population of nearly 4,000. During its declining years, the town became Fort Blakely [sic] and was the site of the last major battle of the Civil War on April 9, 1865. Blakeley is now considered to be "the South's loveliest ghost town."

Historical and Natural Attractions

Time and nature have been kind to Blakeley, preserving its historic site and its natural attractions. Dedicated preservationists and naturalists have saved this land for you and future generations to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a good birding trail, an afternoon stroll with the family, a lesson in Civil War history, or just a scenic drive with the top down, this is the place to be.  Enjoy!
      -  5.5 miles of unspoiled Civil War fortifications
      -  Nature trails leading into unsurpassed and unusually beautiful areas
      -  A quarter mile of waterfront boardwalk with two observation decks on the Tensaw River
      -  Observation kiosk for birders
      - 10.5 miles of walking, bicycling, and horseback riding trails 
      -  31 primitive campsites
      -  Three major family picnic areas, including a large octagonal pavilion
      -  Two "Squirrels Nests" 
      -  Boat tours of the Tensaw River and other areas of the Delta on the Delta Explorer
      -  Two ponds

Gatra Wehle Nature Center

Visit the Gatra Wehle Nature Center at Historic Blakeley State Park and experience nature trails, presentations, and weekly exhibits complete with indigenous Alabama animals. Special events weekends include: Wildflowers, Bird Awareness Day, fishing derbies and regional artwork.

For more fascinating information on the history of the park and its amenities, please follow the above link to visit and explore Historic Blakeley State Park’s official website, or one of the provided links.