Waterfront Activities in Spanish  Fort, AL

Waterfront Activities

An Abundance of Waterfront Activities in Spanish Fort

Overlooking the scenic view of Mobile Bay, residents of Spanish Fort often enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Year around, the evenings bring beautiful skies, each uniquely painted with color and artfully reflected onto Mobile Bay. Living near the water not only brings beautiful scenery, but also provides many opportunities to observe incredible nature and wildlife. It’s just part of the daily lifestyle: taking in a moment of a pelican perched on a post, a flock of ducks landing on the water or an alligator sunning near the shallow banks.

Close proximity to the waterfront offers a host of opportunities for recreation, education, sport and adventure for Spanish Fort residents and for visitors.

Whether you’re interested in camping, hiking nature trails, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, or just photographing the perfect sunset, you are sure to find many locations and resources available to you.